Media Interviews

Net Neutrality with St. Louis Public Radio

December 2017

In my interview with Kae Petrin from St. Louis Public Radio, I talked about the dangerous ramifications that repealing Net Neutrality would have on the media landscape and its effects on fake news.


Fake News and Media Literacy on NewsTalk 97.1FM

October 2017

I spoke with Kristi Carson from NewsTalk 97.1FM about Fake News and Media Literacy. I offered solutions on how to spot Fake News and how important Media Literacy is to future generations and news watchers.


Part One

Part Two


Single Story Narratives in the Media with Media Matters

May 2016

I was part of a group of media literacy scholars working on a published paper regarding Single Story Narratives in the Media during the 2016 Presidential Primaries. We were interviewed by Kim William Gordon on his talk show Media Matters.

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