Me 3I’m John Mitchell Price. I have a Master’s Degree in Media Literacy and a Bachelors in Media Communications. As an experienced writer, researcher, and digital marketer, I love content creation and development in fields like media, history, and art.

I have a strong background with exposure to numerous areas of marketing, communications, writing, research, and media. This includes a special focus on social media, marketing, content writing, research, and website management. I’ve been handling social media accounts and marketing campaigns for organizations and companies for years now. I also have experience in ad pricing, email campaigns, and tag-line writing. I’ve crafted newsletters and email campaigns, and have even revamped several social media accounts. I’ve taken part in leading special media advertising campaigns for some of the businesses that I’ve worked at. This also includes writing scripts for promos, production, and brand descriptions, and utilizing different digital media channels for maximum audience impact.

I’ve always had a passion for media. Media in all its various platforms, themes, and messages is my driving passion and obsession. It’s this powerful connection to media that inspires me to become a fully-fledged writer, researcher, and analyst for a media/news company. It’s also this passion for media that has always drawn me to study media literacy.

These topics are a driving force for me that manifests itself in my writing and associated works.  Much of these works can be found here on my website!