Media Literacy Lesson on Echo Chambers

Media Literacy Post/Lesson Incoming:

With so many echo chambers running rampant, it’s important to understand that getting information from a single source is dangerous. Unfortunately, this is all too common. In my research, I’ve seen many single source subscribers. Disinformation thrives on echo chamber institutions, bias and virality. The importance of creating buzz and generating discussion is critical to how fake news spreads. By looking at information critically from several vantage points, we can prevent the spread of disinformation. Media Literacy demands that you access information from different sources or else you can become entrenched and susceptible to harmful messaging. Seeking out different points of view is the essence of Media Literacy.

This brings me to my media example from the tv series Avatar: The Last Airbender. To summarize the scene, Uncle Iroh explains to Zuko the importance of drawing wisdom from different sources. Why is this important? Drawing wisdom and experience from different points of view makes one more knowledgeable, stronger, and more whole. Those who don’t remain stale, rigid, and prone to living in echo chambers. Therefore, it’s imperative to truly seek out knowledge and understand what you are seeing.

Draw your information from different reputable news sources. Understand media alignment charts. Utilize fact checking websites like Snopes, ProPublica and Media Matters. Vocalize the importance of unbiased fact-checking sources on social media. By understanding how to use media/news literacy, we can navigate these impossibly murky waters of disinformation and bias. By being open to changing your opinion when being presented with new factual information, you become media literate.

Stay Safe and use Media Literacy

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